The Importance of WLAN in State & Local Government

June 18, 2015

State and local governments face a wide array of challenges. While public safety is always a high priority, having a smoothly functioning, efficient government operation is also very important. IT solutions like WLAN can't solve all of their issues, having this form of fast, effective communication can certainly help.

WLAN is a platform for intelligent mobility services. This is especially important because government workers are some of the most mobile of all workforces. Feature rich, high-bandwidth WLAN leads to improved productivity.

How else can reliable WLAN improve government services? Let us count the ways. Here are a few:

  • Securing and tracking assets by using location services to lessen the time and expense of locating or repurchasing assets
  • Protecting the community by securing highly trafficked areas and business districts with wireless video surveillance
  • Engaging citizens by offering online guides to city services and by installing web portals in public outdoor and indoor places
  • Increasing digital inclusion and enhancing decision making through the use of guest networks, vendors, and integrators in public spaces
  • Upping responsiveness and control over telecommunications through integrating telecommunications into the existing voice infrastructure via voiceover wireless LAN, as well as easily tracking expenses and increasing call quality
  • Improving maintenance and logistics by updating transportation systems with information such as: video surveillance logs, fuel status, customers served and collected revenues

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