About Direct Network Services

Our company was founded in 1998, the year following the introduction of 802.11, the wireless networking standard. We began by acquiring Windata, a nationwide manufacturer of point-to-multipoint systems. As the technology and communications landscapes evolved, we changed our direction, becoming our customers’ go-to source for everything wireless.

Why work with us?

Our accomplished RF engineers take a consultative approach, ensuring our customers get the most from their wireless technology investments.

Years of wireless engineering experience

Veterans of hundreds of wireless projects, our engineers have demonstrated the advanced skills necessary to build high-performance solutions based on the most challenging requirements. Additionally, they continue to deepen their technical expertise by:

  • Collaborating with customers in the field, including RF-network training, site surveys, path profiles, installation services, equipment moves and more
  • Working with engineers from leading manufacturers to improve product performance
  • Ensuring current knowledge of IEEE standards and industry best practices

Rapid & cost-effective implementation

Why wait months for a big carrier to install expensive fiber or copper cable? With our efficient process for analyzing requirements and transforming them into solutions, we can deploy a more cost-effective wireless platform that typically will have you connected in weeks (or sometimes days).

Innovative technologies. World-class manufacturers

Our relationships with a variety of manufacturers allow us to offer competitive pricing while remaining vendor independent. This means we can compare multiple technologies and select those optimally suited to your requirements.

Our Technology Partners

About Direct Network Services

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“I have worked with the DNS technical team on projects for every branch of the military and have great respect for them. Their RF engineers are some of the best in the country. They want me to be successful, and they always help me to be successful.”

— Sr. Engineering Project Manager, Raytheon Corporation