Wireless Solutions for Health Care & Medicine

For years, our wireless systems have provided exceptional reliability, mobility and instant access to critical information so medical professionals can deliver timely, high-quality care. With our solutions, physicians and nurses remain in touch within massive hospital buildings and across dispersed campuses.

We help health-care systems and hospitals by:

  • Boosting network availability with reliable, redundant WLAN solutions
  • Connecting doctors and nurses throughout campuses with crystal-clear voice communications
  • Providing secure access to medical records no matter where clinicians work
  • Helping to ensure HIPAA compliance by building WLANs with AES encryption
  • Connecting medical professionals using mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, PDAs, laptops and netbooks
  • Tracking costly inventory with barcode scanning and RFID tags to meet safety standards and control costs

Customer Stories

Our projects for health-care customers include:

Steward Health Care System, Brockton, Norwood, Fall River and Brighton, Massachusetts

At each location, we met the health-care group’s strict building-to-building requirements, deploying 802.11b solutions at a data rate of 11Mbps. After several years, we migrated Steward to an 802.11g, 54Mbps data rate solution. As building-to-building requirements have evolved and data rates increased, we upgraded the system’s wireless networks to 802.11n, 300Mbps and Millimeter gigabit data rates.

Care New England Health System, Providence, Rhode Island

Initially we upgraded the Women’s and Infants’ campus from a 16Mbps product to a 100Mbps solution, and within three years, we integrated eight sites with Proxim Tsunami 100Mbps links. Since then, we also have:

  • Deployed the Enterasys RoamAbout Point-to-Multipoint, 11Mbps system, connecting the Butler, RI, site with the campus’ fiber network
  • Added four remote physicians’ offices to the Providence campus with outdoor, ruggedized 36Mbps links
  • Installed a redundant system at the Butler Campus using a Proxim TsunamiMP.11 outdoor, point-to-multipoint system

South Shore Hospital, Weymouth, Massachusetts

After a site survey, we installed more than 100 802.11b APs throughout the main hospital Since then, we have provided several site evaluations to enable the hospital to upgrade the WLAN to 802.11abg. We also integrated remote medical offices using an 802.11b outdoor, 11Mbps point-to-point system, which connects three sites back to the main hospital. These have since been upgraded to 802.11g. When South Shore Hospital expanded services to a large facility 1.5 miles away, we connected the building to the hospital with a Tsunami 100Mbps system. Additionally, we brought two other large medical offices online and we have installed Motorola PTP58600 links that provide data rates up to 300Mbps.

Health Care Wireless Solutions

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“I have worked with the DNS technical team on projects for every branch of the military and have great respect for them. Their RF engineers are some of the best in the country. They want me to be successful, and they always help me to be successful.”

— Sr. Engineering Project Manager, Raytheon Corporation