RF Surveillance

March 7, 2016

Researchers at the University College of London's, Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, found a way to 'see through walls', aka surveillance , using Wi-Fi technology. The technology is passive and only receives RF emissions, therefore does not "betray the surveillance".

No more hiding behind walls or in the dark. The technology works by detecting the changing frequency of radio waves "reflected off a moving object". The ubiquitous nature of Wi-Fi could be a major driver behind the technology's adoption, especially if only a software update is required. In addition, since it's not using cameras and can't identify actual people, the privacy debate could be a non-issue.

A testament to the researchers, the paper won the 2015 National Instruments Engineering Impact Award in the RF and Communication category. The 2015 Engineering Impact Awards received nearly 100 submissions from authors in more than 20 countries. A judging committee reviewed the papers and selected finalists in a handful of categories.

Applications for this technology are widespread in the fields of public safety, law enforcement, military, commercial, retail and personal protection.

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