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September 13, 2016

The home care environment requires the integration of both health care and social care. Direct Network Services' customer, a charity providing end-of-life care, wanted to improve cellular communications services in its facilities in response to requests made by family and visitors who dearly wanted the ability to reach loved ones.

The Solution

Technology for communications, including the basics we take for granted in our home and work places, is becoming a necessity in today's healthcare landscape. An initial customer meeting is recommended to review the capabilities of the technology and provide a rough budgetary estimate. Once the customer decides to move forward with the project the first step is to perform an RF site survey to determine both the availability and strength of outside carrier signals at the roof level as well as the expected propagation throughout the interior of the facility of the redistributed, amplified signal. Building layout, size, current and future planned spaces, construction materials and power availability are all part of the physical portion of the site survey before a bill of materials and installation can be accurately quoted.

For this customer Direct Network Services recommended a Wilson Pro commercial-grade cellular signal booster system. In its basic form the signal booster system uses an external antenna(s) pointed at the cell tower(s), then receives the signal from outside and passes to the booster located in the building which in turn amplifies the signal and distributes through a low loss cable plant connecting interior antenna's to user devices. The process is then reversed back to the cell tower. The commercial-grade indoor cell signal boosters deliver a high system gain, therefore can provide greater coverage of indoor space.

All installations are planned for minimal disruption to our clients, however in the healthcare and hospital environment there is greater sensitivity to the need for coordination and planning with the staff.

Customer Benefits

Hospice and palliative care offers a dignified, comfortable alternative for patients with a serious illness in the last phase of life. The goal to improve the quality of life for both patient and family is paramount. The ability to communicate with loved ones reduces emotional stress and offers comfort while accepting life's changes.

The customer is extremely satisfied with the improved cellular connectivity inside the facility. In addition, Direct Network Services met all budget goals and exceeded all expectations on installation.

"We were extremely happy with Direct Network Services, both for their solution to our cellular connectivity issue and their sensitivity to the patients and families at our hospice facility. They understood the importance of this project and delivered a superior product." - Home Health Foundation

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