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May 1, 2013

This blog normally avoids any direct promotion of specific products and instead focuses on wireless technology and applications. However, as we are offering a special promotion to MHEC (Mass Higher Ed) members for the May 1 through June 30th period we thought it would be important to say a few words about this. The promotion provides significant discounts to MHEC members on all Bridgewave Communications wireless systems.

Bridgewave manufactures gigabit point to point products that operate in the millimeter wave 60GHz, and 70-80 GHz frequencies. These systems can transmit data, voice and video in a secure and highly reliable communications medium. Among their other advanced features these systems provide true gigabit speeds (1.25GB) full duplex. The 60 GHz system can transmit up to one half mile, the 70-80 GHz systems can transmit longer distances, up to 2 miles depending on the region of the country. These are highly secure systems with 256 Bit AES encryption available as an option on all systems.

Educational institutions use Bridgewave's point-to-point wireless links to connect multiple campus buildings to eliminate recurring costs of leased lines, increase capacity and improve performance. These radios are deployed without the obstacles associated with fiber such as cost, licensing or construction needed to lay optical cables. Bridgewave's systems provide carrier-grade performance, reliability and a high speed network backbone, delivering full-rate, full-duplex gigabit Ethernet speeds with ultra-low latency that is required for many bandwidth-intensive applications being run on university campuses.

Please contact us at 978-952-6000 or email us at to get more information about these high quality wireless systems and this offer.

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