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July 26, 2016

How installation of a surveillance network at a 100+ acre, multi-faceted transfer station, improved both operational and financial management.

Direct Network Services designed and installed a surveillance system for a unique, multi-faceted, municipal transfer station incorporating both indoor and outdoor cameras and high capacity wireless equipment. To accomplish this a number of challenges associated with a large land parcel had to be met including - power sources, mounting, focal distances, network video recording, daily staff operations and remote access for management. These were all addressed through careful planning, analysis and implementation.

Engineering and Design

The geography of the location, a 100+ acre site covering multiple buildings and recycling areas did not lend itself to a typical wired network for business transactions and communications. Initial meetings with the management team identified their overall goals for the project, strategic locations and specific requirements. Achieving increased functionality, improved operational efficiency and financial controls were key goals of management.

The Solution

The solution was a point to multi-point (PMP) wireless network to backhaul video cameras to a digital video recorder (DVR). This network also supports a new point of sales (POS) system and is used to provide a backhaul for the sites' Wi-Fi system.

Cameras with pan/tilt/zoom capabilities with high resolution for license plate recognition were deployed at key locations, while in some areas fixed cameras were more appropriate. For example, a camera at the scale house is used to record the license plate of a truck and the weight of the truckload upon entering and exiting. The camera also provides a date/time recording. Other cameras throughout the facility are used to monitor key areas for public safety and asset management.

The wireless network was very cost effective and allowed for an expedited installation timetable. No trenching or overhead wires were needed. In addition, the customer has the flexibility to move the wireless network radio links around the 100+ acre property as the facility grows and evolves. This turned out to be a perfect scenario since construction has begun for a new building and landfill area. The PMP network is scalable to support the operation as it grows.

Customer Benefits

The surveillance system improved operational simplicity and accuracy for both the daily staff and management. The transfer facility (landfill, single stream, recycling, compost, etc.) is very active 7 days/week during its busiest season, the summer. Management has web access from their mobile devices and is able to remotely monitor the system across multiple platforms.

Real time video streaming from the cameras has facilitated emergency response personnel increasing overall public safety. The key isn't in just having cameras, but in how they're used - how many cameras are deployed, their location, and how well they're monitored. Staff was trained in monitoring, both recorded and live cameras, as part of a well-executed security program.

The transfer facility is self-funding with revenue derived mostly from its customers and the sale of recycling material. The collection of user fees is paramount to a successful financial operation. Previously, the facility could only accept cash which resulted in long, cumbersome lines at the entrance and the inconvenience of needing cash in a credit/debit world. The wireless network enabled the staff to add a POS system to accept credit/debit cards.

The cameras at the commercial/industrial weighing station are used to verify the loads for time and weight and to monitor the operations. Customers are satisfied with the improved accuracy and capability to confirm time and weight measurements, and management is satisfied with the improved controls of their financial accounting system that help to ensure no loss in revenue.

Axis Communications was selected for the cameras and Proxim Wireless for the wireless network after careful consideration of the design specifications, customer budget and scalability for future growth.

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